Company History


         Founded in 1950, H. Huffman & Co. invests in oil and gas ventures generated by its staff, affiliates and industry partners.  Today the Company owns interests in over 1,000 wells and one million gross mineral acres.  These interests are located in seventeen states.  In any given year the Company may participate in the drilling of 100 oil and gas wells.

          Former affiliates of the Company were Montana-Dakotas Royalty Company, Huffman & Malloy, The Buffalo Company and various drilling partnerships.  Through the years most of these entities have been merged into or acquired by H. Huffman & Co.

          In addition to an aggressive exploration effort the Company actively seeks opportunities to acquire producing minerals and overrides.  If desirous of selling your interests, please contact us.

          The Company is an Oklahoma limited partnership of which Huffman Oil Co., LLC is the general partner.

Areas of Operation